Working for worthy causes can improve wellbeing

Research carried out in 2014 found that giving or taking an active role in raising funds for others is a more effective pick-me-up than hitting the shops and treating ourselves. The Action for Happiness movement claims that by embracing charity work and basing it on their convictions, many people actually end up giving their career to charity in place of money. 

Pursuing funds for the benefit of others can align people with their own values and provide them with personal and professional satisfaction. Many people who get involved with telephone fundraising focus on causes that are particularly close to them. It may be that a loved one or family member has been affected by a certain condition, or they may have found themselves moved by an article or advert highlighting a particular plight. Whatever motivates someone to become a charity worker or fundraiser, there are many personal benefits to be enjoyed.

It is not uncommon for people to lose interest in their chosen careers or to become disillusioned with corporate mentality. Fundraising becomes appealing to people that are looking for something new and want the opportunity to make a difference.

People who work for a cause they are already familiar with can offer real insight to potential supporters and help them gain a deep understanding of the charity itself. When people discover that they are driven by a need to help others, they often look for a charity that truly reflects their personal values and passions.

As a leading telephone fundraising charity we are committed to taking an ethical approach to our work. We have a team of loyal professionals that are dedicated to working as hard as possible for our clients and making a real difference to those in need. Our fundraisers are proficient in their work and use guidelines instead of scripts, enabling them to make real connections with potential donors. You can always be confident that our fundraisers will represent our clients to the highest possible standards.

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