We work with some great people at QTS – and we’d love you to work with them too! So whether you need extra support with your fundraising strategies, expertise in making your data selections work better for you, or if face-to-face fundraising is something you need more information on – here are our top recommendations!

QTS Partners

Dataro – grow your revenue with smarter analytics and predictions

This global fundraising tech company is revolutionising results for our clients – by using software to find the most ready-to-give donors in your database and using this data to improve response rates, get more gifts and save time and money on data selections.

Dataro is used by charities across the world – large and small – all using these incredible fundraising technologies to raise more funds and increase their impact. Just check out the testimonials on their website to see how well Dataro is performing!

We’d be delighted to introduce you to them.


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