Progressing long term relationship with donors

If asking more of your existing donor base fills you with dread, you should be assured that our approaches are tried and tested and can produce some of the best ROI of any of your campaigns, as long as you are already practising good stewardship of your donors.

The longer they are with you, the deeper their investment in your cause becomes, and the more receptive they are to requests.  A strong stewardship process will not only help you retain your donors, but grow their giving levels.

We offer four different types of campaigns we recommend to our clients:
1. Gift Aid
2. Upgrade
3. Lottery
4. Legacy

QTS Fundraising - Progressing Long Term Relationships with Donors

Gift Aid

From an income point of view, this is one of the most powerful campaigns we can run for you. It is an admin call – so no TPS checks required; we can legitimately call every donor you have a telephone number for and who has not yet provided you with a Gift Aid declaration.

A two-way conversation provides the opportunity to explain Gift Aid to those who have ignored previous requests and respond to any questions or address any concerns the supporter might have.  It is a short, perfunctory call, and when a donor is in the position to gift aid their support, results in them feeling good about their donation without having to make any further investment. 


This campaign targets existing donors with a monthly direct debit, or lottery play, thanking them for their support, and positioning an ask to gauge if they can offer any further help by increasing their regular support, or number of lottery plays. If an upgrade is not feasible for a donor, they may be a second ask of a one-off donation, which is often quite popular in uptake. We can also address gift aid conversion where appropriate, which will always result in additional income.


Lotteries are always popular with donors – a feel-good, low cost contribution can be preferable to the commitment of a larger monthly gift. And it’s the opportunity to have loyalty rewarded with the chance of winning a cash prize. For the client, it provides a regular often long-term income stream, and nurtures the donor relationship by ‘giving back’.

There are a number of well-established and reputable lottery managers in the UK, who provide advice and manage the operation of the lottery on your behalf. We work with a number of these providers, who are there to help clients every step of the way, from migration and set up through to the operational elements – and the investment is well worth the return. 


Legacy fundraising consistently produces the best ROI of any fundraising activity. It is not about ringing supporters and asking if they will leave a gift to a charity. It’s about finding out where supporters are on their donor journey.

By segmenting your donors you can focus on the different needs of potential legacy givers, and help and support them to understand the importance to the charity of a gift being left in a will. This approach not only increases your awareness of your supporters’ intentions, but it means you can then monitor their legacy marketing status and cultivate those relationships as appropriate.

Want more info on progressing long term relationships with your donors? Request our FREE GUIDE with TOP TIPS .

Want more info on progressing long term relationship with donors? Request our FREE GUIDE with TOP TIPS


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