Improving donor retention

We’ve already said how maintaining relationships with existing donors requires less time and money than forming new relationships. Donor engagement is a critical part of any retention strategy and your goal should be to retain your donors so that they become repeat, loyal donors.

We offer four different types of campaigns to help you improve donor retention:
1. Welcome
2. Thank you
3. Reactivation
4. Renewal



QTS Fundraising - Improving Donor Retention


A welcome call focuses on checking the new donor’s details, and, most importantly, ensuring that they know you genuinely appreciate their support. This is classed as an admin call, so no TPS checks are required meaning we can call more of your donors.

Although a relatively quick call, it is an important first step in ensuring a long-term, engaged relationship with supporters and we regularly receive feedback from new supporters how valued they feel as a result. Most of our clients use welcome calling as a rolling monthly campaign.

Thank you

Also an admin call. a simple ‘thank you for your support’ has generated some outstanding feedback (and results) from clients who have run these campaigns. It shows donors that their donation really matters to the charity, and many clients start this a one-off campaign but find them so effective, they transfer to rolling campaigns. There is no financial ask, but often there is a natural upgrade from donors – and saying thank you is also fantastic for retention.


A reactivation call is to a donor whose payment has lapsed. The most effective campaigns are when they are run as rolling admin calls – every month the client provides the telephone numbers of those donors whose payments have lapsed; a non-promotional call is made to the donor to check that they were aware of the lapse – no TPS is required for this call, no promotion is involved, and no different memberships or levels of support can be offered.

If you would prefer to include some more detailed messaging, promotion or payment alternatives/options, then these calls can be run as as part of a marketing reactivation campaign.


This focuses on making calls to donors who have some form of membership which is coming up to a renewal date. It can be an opportunity to move supporters onto a monthly direct debit (if they are not already) and some donors may even offer to increase their support without prompting. If they are cancelling, you can see if they might consider returning and supporting at a lower amount, or in a different way.

Renewal by telephone allows for a personal touch, for the fundraiser to move the conversation flexibly around the needs of the donor, it facilitates essential feedback for the client and is an incredibly cost-effective way to achieve a number of outcomes.

Plus, renewing by phone makes it easier for the donor – with no forms to fill in and return, the fundraiser can set up a paperless direct debit up and simplify the sign up process, which at the same time further increases your admin cost savings.

Want more info on improving your donor retention? Request our FREE GUIDE with TOP TIPS.

Want more info on improving donor retention? Request our FREE GUIDE with TOP TIPS


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