Further debates for FPS

Work is ongoing on the creation and implementation of a new Fundraising Preference Service (FPS) to protect people from repeated unsolicited communication from charities. The service would allow people to sign up and block contact from all organisations. The charities could then face penalties if they get in touch with people who have registered and indicated they don’t want to be contacted. 

There is debate about what this will mean for charities contacting existing supporters who sign up to the service. It was proposed that the system could be designed so that people can choose which organisations could contact them, but this would be tricky to achieve. It is more likely that the service will blanket all charities and people will have to give consent so they can be contacted, whether it is an existing charity they already support or a new cause they have embraced.

The FPS is designed to protect people from unsolicited calls and hard sell tactics. It is hoped that it will protect vulnerable members of society and mean they can only be contacted by those organisations they want to hear from. The service has the potential to reduce complaints and ensure charities behave in the right way when it comes to contacting potential supporters.

As an experienced telephone fundraising agency, we work with a huge number of different charities to help them build strong working relationships with supporters. Our service is designed to enhance the experience each supporter has so they continue to happily support the charity. We don’t do cold calling and we ensure that every call is a friendly chat rather than a sales pitch. This approach offers benefits to all parties and has helped us to achieve a very high satisfaction rate.

We are committed to providing the very best service and setting standards that other businesses in our sector can follow. We feel the introduction of the FPS could also help to achieve this. If you have any questions about telephone fundraising or the services we offer please get in touch.

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