The importance of a personal approach

Charities come in many different forms, from the largest names with members around the world to smaller local organisations. Regardless of size, most charities rely on supporters and donors for funding. Each organisation will have its own strategy for fundraising, and telephone operations can be a vital part of this. The technique can be used to contact supporters to inform them about the work the charity is doing or to follow up when people register their interest. Whatever role they play, it is vital the calls are handled properly and provide value to the charity.

At our telephone fundraising agency, we have a unique approach that offers fantastic benefits for charities. Instead of operating a call centre, our team work from home. This means there is no office background noise to worry about when they make or receive calls. The end result is that every call feels more like a personal chat than a cynical approach for a donation.

Our approach also has a positive impact on the performance and commitment of our staff. By offering this kind of flexibility, we have achieved a very low staff turnover, and we encourage all our callers to build relationships with the people they speak to rather than focusing purely on donations.

We are proud to work with a wide range of charities and always strive to offer services that provide a great experience for supporters. Our team reflects the array of organisations we work with; it contains a fantastic mix of individuals with different interests, passions and backgrounds, making us one of the most diverse telephone fundraising agencies your organisation could work with.

Charities looking for an agency to help them with their telephone operations can rely on us to offer a bespoke service. We take on various projects, including creating campaigns for potential supporters and existing ones. In each case we focus on the needs of the charity as well as those of the supporter, ensuring we provide value to both parties. If you want advice about how effective telephone services can help your organisation please contact us.

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