In times of reluctancy, choose stability

In one of our previous blog posts, we mentioned how the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge broke records by raising over £100,000,000. The results of this hugely popular challenge shows that a lot can be achieved for charities when they keep reminding the public of the work that they do and why they need donations.

Some people already donate to charities using methods such as direct debits which deliver a set amount directly to charities each month. However, many people do not donate to charities on a regular basis like this, but are more motivated to make donations when they have been provided with an incentive or a reminder as to why they should support your charity and build a relationship with you.

Whilst the idea of keeping a relationship with your supporters through telephone fundraising sounds great and can indeed be a highly effective approach, a lot of charities find themselves without the resources, staffing or ability to do it themselves. If this is the case, you’ll require the help of a professional telephone fundraising team that are fully equipped with the experience, resources and time to do the job for you.

The UK’s economy is on the mend after the hard times that we have experienced in recent years, but many people are still reluctant to spend the extra few pounds they have per month. As a result of this, many charities have taken a financial hit. With the help of a fundraising service like ours, you can increase the amount of revenue your charity receives.

When you are working with us, all of the weight can be lifted off your shoulders. We’ll take the time to completely understand what your charity stands for, what you do, ways you wish to improve operations and what you want to achieve to provide you with a comprehensive solution that’s bespoke to yourself.

We specialise in creating and extending the bond between supporter and charity, making a pathway for optimal fundraising. Over the years we have worked with names such as WaterAid, the Alzheimer’s Society and the Woodlands Trust gaining ourselves a great reputation within the charity fundraising sector.

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