What to be aware of when fundraising

Telephone fundraising is one of the primary means in which charities and organisations can raise money for their cause. In many cases, a charity will outsource their fundraising to an external telephone fundraising agency, which is where we come in. As with every other type of fundraising, it is important to ensure that you can appeal to the potential donor and that they feel like their contribution is valued. Anyone who is undertaking fundraising should be aware of certain things that need to be done to keep any potential donors happy.

The first thing to keep in mind is to offer the ability to opt in or opt out, and to ensure that the donor gives permission to continue the conversation. A potential donor who is happy and knows that they have the choice is more likely to become a donor than if they feel like they were pressured into the decision.

As a professional telephone fundraising agency, we take the time to really get to know your organisation and understand exactly why you are trying to raise funds. We ensure that your organisation’s message is clearly delivered and that the donor knows who and what they are donating to.

On a similar note, we also believe it is important that we work together with you as closely as possible to ensure that a strong working relationship is forged. This is beneficial to both you and us, and ensures that all parties are satisfied with the results of the fundraising efforts.

It is highly important to keep substantial records concerning donors. This allows the charity to keep track of all potential donors and to send them relevant thank you letters and other documentation. It also allows a donor to clearly see what they are signed up to.

If you wish to have a trustworthy company to outsource your fundraising to, then we are available. Having operated as a telephone fundraising agency for many years, we are dedicated to keeping customers happy, engaging in a sensitive approach and participating in the highest standards of security and professionalism. We have worked for a huge host of charities, all of whom would gladly attest to the sheer quality of the fundraising services that we provide. We pride ourselves on ensuring that all fundraising that we complete is friendly and beneficial for donors and for the charities themselves.

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