Delivering dedicated and effective telephone fundraising services

Despite all the ways to do it in the 21st Century, telephone fundraising remains one of the most effective way of consistently raising donations for charities and campaigns. The engaging and informative nature of telephone communication allows for people to make far more confident and considered decisions, giving support to worthy purposes. In order to facilitate this it is, of course, important to use the most appropriate approach and correct technique when speaking to to potential donors. Using a telephone fundraising agency, such as QTS, is the tried and tested way of ensuring your fundraising campaign meets its objectives.

The strength of QTS is found in our origins. Our founders began work as canvassers and campaigners for charities, engaging with the public to raise awareness of issues and to inspire those contacted to make contributions to help. This gave them valuable insights into what people contacted want and expect from telephone fundraising, allowing them to understand how best to approach a campaign. Over the last few years we have been honoured to help many causes, from local concerns through to international issues, in meeting and exceeding their targets.

In selecting QTS you are assured of a professional, considered telephone fundraising agency representing you. We do not practice cold calling as in our experience, this seldom works and can just lead to your concern being seen in a negative light. We select those to contact in a careful, informed way, and make sure the high values and good name of your organisation is always upheld. We make sure this is achieved by always having only the finest staff available working for us, with their understanding of the importance of telephone fundraising being complemented by outstanding communication skills.

The most important aspect of telephone fundraising is, of course, ensuring that the maximum amount of funding possible makes it through to your campaign purposes. Many worry when they make a donation that a substantial part of it will be taken up by administration fees. Curtailing these kinds of costs was a significant motivating factor behind the formation of our telephone fundraising agency. We work in a way that sees the largest amount possible form our telephone fundraising work go straight to you and your campaign.

We are the recognised and respected name for helping causes meet their objectives and ambitions. We have been honoured to work on behalf of many noble causes, and we look forward to being of assistance to yours.

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