Telephone fundraising straight from the veterans

When it comes to raising funds, telephone fundraising can be one of the most useful tools for any charity. However, you need to ensure that the approach to your fundraising operation is careful and well targeted. Nobody wants to be hassled over the phone. This is why the best agencies take a kind and patient approach to all potential fundraisers and always make them feel welcome to maximise the chances of them donating. Our telephone fundraising agency offers sensitive and professional services to help optimise your chances of raising the money your organisation needs.

With twenty five years of experience across our members of staff, our team are here to provide our expertise to all charities who require assistance with their fundraising. We have numerous long term clients who depend on our fundraising expertise to boost their campaigns. We pride ourselves on our strong moral values, and want the relationship between donor and charity to be mutual. We do not cold call; instead, we build strong working relationships between the charity and their donor. At the same time, we will do all that we can to ensure that you hit your fundraising targets, built on the back of these mutual relationships.

We have a large and diverse portfolio of long term clients, covering many charities such as Cornwall Wildlife Trust, Prospect Hospice, SeeAbility and the Marine Conservation Society, amongst many others. All of our customers would testify to the quality of the services that we have been providing for over a decade. Our business offers bespoke, tailored services that uphold our strict moral code and ensure that all donors are approached sensitively and with their best interests in mind.

We are currently shortlisted for IoF Partners in Fundraising – Best Telephone Fundraising Agency 2015, and our expertise and dedication in the sector ensures all of our customers will receive a phenomenal service. We want all the charities we work with to benefit from our telephone fundraising capabilities, and we work diligently to ensure that partnerships are strengthened between charities and supporters. By ensuring that the supporter is choosing to donate, we will establish positive, long-term relationships between supporter and charity, thus ensuring that all are happy with the service that they receive.

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