Statement regarding the Tragic Death of Olive Cooke

I am sure you have all heard about the tragic incident with Olive Cooke who took her life because of cold calls and direct mail letters.

I just wanted to make it clear that we have never phoned Olive Cooke and we don’t as a business in any way condone a style of fundraising that involves constantly contacting people and treating them unfairly so that they feel they are being harassed.

At QTS we have strong moral values about the way we fundraise and how often we contact people. We also make sure that we check convenience to speak at the start of the call and if someone does not want to be called then we finish the call and action is taken straight away to ensure that the individual is not contacted again.

We all have a moral obligation to listen to people and to make sure that they completely understand what they are agreeing to.  It is important that we always keep the individual’s best interest at heart and listen and respond with care and consideration.

I just want you all to know that we as a business are working to support the charity sector, that we care deeply about the supporters we speak to and the hard earned money that they give to charity.

We don’t do any cold calling and we stick to TPS guidelines very strictly. We have gentle asks that are set at the lowest increase rates across the industry we work in. Also, no commission is paid across the whole company and the way charities pay us is for the service we provide.

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