New insights into raising money via telephone

A new report from the Institute of Fundraising reveals some interesting information about telephone campaigns. The research behind the document was conducted in partnership with online specialist fast.MAP who conducted a survey of 2,992 people to find out their opinions. The report, entitled Fundraising Media DNA, provides some great insights and has even proved some long held assumptions to be wrong.

The most impressive finding is that people from the 18 – 34 year old age group are the most likely to engage with charities via phone. It was assumed that over 55s would top this but the research showed that this is not actually the case. There are several potential reasons for this, including the fact that younger people are more technologically orientated. The over 55 age group may also show a lower response rate because they have experienced this type of call many times before.

Another finding is that males are more likely to respond to telephone fundraising than women. This could be because female donors prefer the more personal conversations you get face to face rather than the separation you experience with a phone call. It could also be a sign that men appreciate the privacy of a call.

Telephone fundraising remain a crucial tool, but the report shows that charities and their partners must not be restricted by assumptions. It is important to think closely about the target audience if you want to stand the best chance of achieving your goals, but don’t discount younger age groups or genders. The most essential thing is to find the right way to engage with people and capture their interest. When you can engage and interest someone, they are more likely to donate and support your cause.

We have a wealth of experience in telephone fundraising and strive to deliver the best services for all of our clients. We work with charities large and small from the UK and further afield, giving each one the benefit of our knowledge and professional approach. If you’re looking to utilise telephones to help raise funds or want to reassess your current campaign, we can help.

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