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Telephone fundraising provides the charity sector with millions of pounds of income a year, with figures showing a total of £35m generated for the charity sector through telephone fundraising alone. For any charity, telephone fundraising remains the all-important factor that can help to lead a campaign towards its goals efficiently and quickly. It can be used to recruit new donors, as well as staying in touch with existing donors, and is a method widely used by many different charities. If your organisation is looking to expand its fundraising campaign, our QTS Fundraising team can help.

When it comes to recruiting or soliciting donors, the phone remains a completely effective form of communication that allows charities to engage directly with donors. However, there can be no denying that many members of the public view this method as a nuisance. In order to avoid this and make sure your donors remain on side, our team aim to be as friendly, professional and non-intrusive as possible. We know that it is the supporters who make the charity and do all we can to create the right impression for both your new and existing donors.

Our approach won’t leave your target audience feeling coerced into donating. Our sensitive approach is designed to improve existing relationships whilst also building new relationships with potential donors. We can ensure that any and all targets are met and that all of our charities reach their goals. Our current team of staff have many years of experience in fundraising, and provide the best possible services for all of our customers. In fact, our services are so efficient that we have been shortlisted for the Institute of Fundraising awards for the best telephone fundraising agency.

With a portfolio of long term clients, you can be completely assured that we are the agency who can help to effectively field your campaign. We keep the interests of our client charities at heart and ensure that their donors are treated in a professional and courteous manner at all times. Our clients would gladly attest to the efficiency of our service, and all organisations can be completely assured that we operate to the height of professionalism with no exceptions.

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