The fundamentals of raising money via telephone

Telephone fundraising can offer some great advantages for charities, especially if they can successfully reach a wide target audience. To maximise success your fundraisers should be highly trained, have a pleasant phone manner and follow strict guidelines. It is easy to put people off over the phone and it takes real skill to build a strong rapport. The basic rules for every telephone fundraising agency will include the following practices.

1) Know the rules

It is important to set out who people can call and under what conditions. There should be guidelines in place to determine phone manner, behaviour and other important factors that will lead to a successful call. Some of the people you contact will request that they are not contacted any more; you need to ensure they are taken off contact lists and their privacy is respected.

2) Keep accurate records

Detailed records are essential so that calls are properly logged and can be followed up on when necessary. You should have a note of everybody who donates and send them a response promptly to say thank you. The record should also keep note of any specific times or dates when the recipient does not want to be contacted.

3) Protect data

Data protection is really important and any personal information you have about donors should be safely stored. You should limit access to this data to keep it secure. It is essential that you follow the law at all times in this regard.

4) Be authentic

A good phone manner is important and you shouldn’t worry about moving away from a prepared script to build a rapport. Fundraisers should always seek to have a conversation with the people they call and provide all of the information they want. It is essential you are personable because it makes the charity real.

5) Keep on top of training

Charities change and evolve over time. To be successful telephone fundraising agencies need to ensure their staff are always up to speed with the latest information. Regular updates and additional training should be given whenever necessary. You should also provide up to date news so it can be shared when call handlers get in touch with people.

Telephones can unlock a whole new world of fundraising opportunities. If you need help in the area or would like an experienced telephone fundraising agency to handle it we are here for you. We have worked with charities of every conceivable size so you can rely on us to provide the best service possible.

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