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Never miss a donation!

If you’ve ever wondered how to set up an automated telephone payment service to ensure you never miss a donation, we’re pleased to say – we can now help with that! This month we are launching “Assist” a simple and cost-effective inbound automated donation service, which is tried, tested and fully Payment Card Industry compliant.

So if you’ve been wondering how to improve the process for your supporters to make one-off donations to your charity – this is it.

Wherever you might consider using a donation hotline – whether that’s on social media adverts, direct mail comms, your website, a television advert – you could be using Assist, an agent-free payment service, allowing you to benefit from a more flexible and cost-saving way to collect donations.

How does it work?

1. Supporters call the telephone number and listen to a bespoke message from your charity.

2. They then follow some simple instructions to make a secure automated card payment by debit or credit card that goes directly into your payment gateway

3. In addition to the voice message, we can also personalise the telephone number to dial in to, which improves authenticity for the supporter.

4. The cost to the supporter to make the call depends on the number you would choose to front your service – so if you want a Freephone number it will free to the caller but the charity would be charged a small per minute rate, if you choose any 01/02 number it would be charged to the caller at a standard rate and if you choose an 03 number the caller would pay a local rate.

5. It takes between 3 – 10 days set up, ideal if you’re in a hurry or you need to run an emergency appeal.

Our special offer to you!

If this sounds of interest, we’d be delighted to offer you the chance to test out the process and see how easy it is for your supporters to make a donation. Get in touch and we’ll send you the instructions for this.

And if you like what you hear, we’ll provide you with a full breakdown of the costs – which include a set-up fee (to cover the cost of integrating to your merchant provider and the voiceover work required for the messaging), and then a small monthly rolling fee. You’ll be amazed at how cost-effective our system is!

Ben Suffell, MD of QTS says,

“Having an automated system to take card payments at any time of day and night means you’ll never miss a donation, plus it’s a secure, efficient and simpler way for a supporter to make their payment. And as a PCI DSS compliant automated telephone payment solution – you’re fully covered.”

If you would like any further information, please contact us on or dial 07701 086449. We’d be delighted to help.

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