Maximising value from your supporter data

Recruiting new donors remains one of the greatest challenges for many charities – and never more so than in the current financial climate. So it’s perhaps unsurprising that many of our clients are looking to get better value from their existing supporter data – and they are finding increasingly creative ways in which to do so.

This month we thought we’d share with you a recent case study, in which our client identified supporters who they considered might be interested in receiving a call to learn how they could engage more deeply with the charity.

Eden Project is an eco visitor attraction and educational charity close to our hearts –  and close to our HQ in Cornwall! We have loved working with them over the years, and were delighted when they decided to deliver a membership conversion campaign with QTS.

Image courtesy of Eden Project

Via telemarketing, residents in Cornwall and Devon in receipt of a “locals’ pass” due for renewal were invited to convert their pass to a full Eden Project Membership.  This option provides many additional benefits to a supporter, and in some cases is better value. Or, residents might opt to renew their locals’ pass through the process of the telephone call.

The results were impressive. Having been actively sold the benefits, around 7% of supporters decide to upgrade, with over 50% renewing their pass – a much better outcome than if the client had relied on the one-way communication of direct mail.

Rose Cashman-Pugsley, Membership and Individual Giving Manager at Eden Project explains,

“Being able to have a direct conversation with locals helps us to personalise our approach to their unique situation, gather their feedback and improve our relationships with them. It’s a firmly established part of our annual supporter development strategy and the QTS callers feel like an extension of our team.”

Some of the benefits of this approach:

– Unlike lead gen or many digital campaigns, there is no data cost. You are simply making an existing dataset work a lot harder for you.
– Whereas mailshots are often discarded and emails deleted, a good conversation leaves supporters feeling inspired and valued, and builds stronger relationships, regardless of whether the supporter is in a position to donate.
– Telephone calling often elicits feedback, which can be really useful to a client and future campaigning.
– A call can be adapted and changed to suit the supporter’s motivations, circumstances and preferences – the benefits can be actively promoted rather than simply presented – something that other methods of communication cannot achieve
– A telephone call can have other purposes, such as encouraging supporters to take-up Gift Aid or get involved with a forthcoming event
– A call also enables a check on future communication preferences – confirming whether and how supporters would like to be communicated with in the future, including the telephone.

Would you like to hear more? We’d be happy to help – just get in touch.

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