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Chatting about legacy fundraising

Anyone who knows us, will know that we are always here to chat through your options when it comes to TM fundraising, whether you are a client or not. And that’s an offer with no obligations or expectations – we are simply happy to offer you our advice and opinion based of 20 years of working successfully in the sector.

So we were delighted when based on our chatty expertise, we were asked to appear on a brand new podcast from legacy fundraising consultant Sanita Guddu of Persuasion, as her first guests.

In this episode Sanita and Ben talked about legacy fundraising campaigns and legacy marketing, and the process of calling supporters to ask them about leaving a legacy, as well as discussing which charities would benefit from running this campaign.

It was great chatting with Sanita, and hopefully useful to those charities who are still relatively new to legacy fundraising.

If you’d like to hear a clip, there’s a 30 second excerpt here – and if that whets your appetite sufficiently, then the full podcast is being hosted on a number of platforms – take your pick!!

Head over to or

Also – if you are looking to organise a legacy marketing campaign, then please do check out this earlier blog of ours, on making your marketing more successful. Plus we have a legacy marketing guide which we’d be happy to send over via email – just drop us a line at


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