A Good Call!

Have you had a chance to read the latest guide from CIOF on using the telephone for fundraising and supporter care yet?

Whether you’re an experienced telephone fundraiser or someone just starting out, we think this is a fantastic resource you’ll keep referring back to. It’s packed with tips and strategies for helping organisations make best use of the telephone to fundraise successfully and effectively, and to nurture vital supporter relationships. Plus, there are comments and feedback from a whole range of contributors working in the sector, making it a really authentic read.

Here’s a quick peek at the introduction:

“The telephone has long been a key channel for fundraising and supporter stewardship. But during the coronavirus pandemic, when the nation was homebound, the phone became even more fundamental.

The telephone gave charities the chance to connect with people on a one-to-one basis when so many were craving genuine and meaningful human interaction; an opportunity to demonstrate how valued supporters really are and to create a sense of community and belonging. In a survey of 50 fundraisers at the end of 2021, two thirds said they expect to increase their use of the phone for supporter stewardship over the coming year, and just over half anticipated growing their use of the channel for development and acquisition.

Fundraisers use the telephone not only to appeal for support, but to engage and ignite people’s passion for the cause, to say thank you, demonstrate impact, build understanding of the charity’s work and to develop a unique and personalised supporter journey. Perhaps most crucially, it offers an opportunity to listen and learn about what supporters (and others) feel and think, what they need and hope for from their relationship with the charity.

As we move forward in today’s increasingly digital world, calling has become an integral part of so many charities’ fundraising programmes, boosting donations, growing loyalty and inspiring passion in equal measure. In recent years, the regulatory framework for telephone fundraising has continued to evolve, with a focus on ensuring organisations always act responsibly, treating the public respectfully, being mindful of their needs and potential vulnerabilities. The most successful fundraising calls will inevitably be those that reflect supporter preferences and interests. This guide explores some of the ways charities are using telephone calling for fundraising and supporter care, highlighting the key regulatory issues for compliance and best practice.”

Each section of the guide is full of practical advice and support, covering the following essential topics.

1. Great conversations you can have with supporters

2. What makes a good call?

3. Working with fundraising partners & third partners

4. Being responsible with personal data

5. Monitoring and compliance

6. Addressing complaints and other feedback

7. Knowing the rules

Alongside many of the big agencies and organisations in the sector, we were delighted to be asked to contribute to the guide again, which sees QTS featured in the section covering personal data – interestingly we get so many queries ranging from legitimate interest, admin v marketing calls and data protection, we do feel this is one of our specialist subjects now!

And we were also very happy to see one of our clients, JDRF, quoted on their experiences of telephone fundraising with us:

But don’t take our word for it, have a read – and let us know what you think!

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