Taking a respectful approach to fundraising

There’s no avoiding the fact that, at the moment, telephone fundraising has had a lot of bad press. As is the case with virtually every kind of business in the world, there will always be less than scrupulous people operating in the industry. Here at QTS we’ve spent many years building up a strong service that is always respectful, understanding and polite to the potential donors we contact. We can assure you that our team continue to take a professional and proper approach to all aspects of telephone fundraising, and we always remember why this remains a crucial form of attracting donations to charities and worthy causes.

It might be stating the obvious, but charities need money to operate and continue their good work. A telephone fundraising agency remains one of the most effective and affordable ways of bringing organisations together with those essential donors.

Not every charity in the UK has a celebrity patron attached to it, nor can they all hold well publicised events to attract attention to their cause. Telephone fundraising is commonly accepted as one of the best ways possible to raise awareness for a cause or charity, and usually people are glad to be contacted and made aware of the ways they can donate to help. This is particularly true of the way we conduct ourselves on your behalf.

We are proud of our outstanding record for engaging potential donors with the courtesy and respect they deserve. Without them, it would not be possible for charities to receive the funds they need to do their good work. When we reach out to potential donors on your behalf, it is with the right kind of values and an appropriate approach. We don’t engage in negative debating and we certainly do not attempt to coerce people into donating more than they can afford.

Reaching out to potential donors via telephone fundraising is the lifeblood of many of the charities in the UK today. We operate in a way that contributes towards continuing success for your organisation with our successful, positive and constructive approach towards your potential donors.

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