Maximising donor benefits

The foundation of good telephone fundraising is not maximising the donations that you receive at the expense of losing supporters after a single gift. The real key to success is building long term relationships that bring benefits to both parties. In the best cases, the donor will feel uplifted by the relationship and enjoy every piece of correspondence they receive, whether it is a telephone call, an email or a newsletter. Charities may forget this when they are focusing too much on their budget.

When it comes to fundraising it is always important to keep a basic rule of business in mind: it is more cost effective to maintain existing customer relationships than it is to attract new ones. By seeking to enrich the relationship and uplift donors, charities and agencies working on their behalf can see much better results in the long term. This will also help to reduce dissatisfaction and complaints.

Telephones are an excellent way to reach potential donors but it is essential that you account for how they will react to a potentially intrusive method of contact. Calls need to be scheduled at the best possible times so that the recipient is able and happy to talk. Each call should be a conversation discussing the charity and the good work they do rather than a short, hard sell. To achieve this staff need to be trained and should be passionate about the charity they are working for.

The best way to achieve success in fundraising is to look at it through the eyes of the donor. This will help charities and agencies to find out how they can inspire donors and provide the best level of service for them. It is possibly better to look at it from a marketing perspective rather than a sales one.

If you would like advice from a telephone fundraising agency that has helped over sixty charities to build great relationships with their supporters, we would be happy to help you. At QTS we have a diverse portfolio and extensive experience in the sector. We always prioritise the donor experience whilst also supporting the organisations we work with.

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