The consummate, caring presence for telephone fundraising

Over the years, telephone fundraising has become one of the most important ways in which charities and organizations raise the money they require. Nearly half of all charities operating in the UK today have indicated in surveys that 50% or more of their funding comes in the form of donations from individuals, rather than specially hosted events or grants. It’s through telephone calls that many of these individuals become aware of the causes they care deeply about. As the leading telephone fundraising agency working in the UK, we always respect this.

We know that when we work on your behalf, we effectively become your voice and presence on the phone and in the lives of those who we call. In doing this, we make sure we present the work you do in the compassionate, clear and honest way you want your message to be heard by the world, appealing to those who are able to contribute. Whilst our objectivity as an agency allows us to keep heated emotions away from any conversation with potential donors, our consummate professionalism means we always work in the best interests of your cause.

In any professional service, it is sadly the case that you get a hopefully small percentage of people who operate in a way far below the expected standard. We take steps to avoid circumstances in which our staff feel even the slightest inclination to be pushy and forceful with potential donors. This is why we refuse to work on any sort of commission basis for the charities and organisations we represent. Our fair, reasonable and competitive costs are entirely separate from the service we perform, leaving our expert telephone team free to concentrate on appealing to your potential donors.

In representing you with telephone fundraising, we engage with potential donors in a dynamic, constructive way. This encourages them to consider their own thoughts and feelings about your cause, helping them to decide directly to donate. With this approach, we have been able to help significantly build up the level of donations to causes, all whilst ensuring the name, reputation and good standing of charities and organizations has been upheld. Going forward, we look forward to being of benefit to many more charities and organisations in the years ahead.

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