Making a personal connection

There are many methods implemented these days to raise funds for charitable organisations and awareness for campaigns. The power of the internet cannot be denied, and social media has proved to be staggeringly beneficial. The ability to globally share videos and articles has resulted in unbelievable amounts of money being generated for a number of worthy causes, with the Ice Bucket Challenge and Band Aid 30 being just two of the most prominent causes we have seen in 2014.

There are 169,700 registered charities in England and Wales alone with many other charities unregistered. Whatever your organisation may be involved in, it needs constant support 365 days a year in order to raise funds and maintain a presence. Telephone fundraising offers an intimacy that can be missing from many other methods. Despite the prevalence of digital power these days, there are many people that do not use computers and the internet but may wish to make charitable donations. Text messaging may be the easiest and preferred method of contact for most, but many still prefer to engage with people via the telephone and enjoy a conversation. These and many other factors ensure that telephone fundraising remains a viable option.

Telephone conversations make it easier to communicate and convey all the relevant information. People are much more likely to commit to regular donations to a cause when they have been fully informed by a friendly, honest and professional individual. At our telephone fundraising agency, we can help you to reach out and make those vital connections with people, optimising your chances of reaching your fundraising goals.

Our team has the skill and experience necessary to competently approach your campaign. After many years spent canvassing and dealing with the public, they have every insight regarding the way people respond and what it is they want and need to hear when they are contacted by fundraisers. When you engage our services you can be sure that the fine name of your charity is in the best hands. We do not cold call; instead, we research and carefully select who to call and we ensure the reputation of your charity is respected and upheld at all times.

Despite the desire to help there are many people that are reluctant to part with just a couple of pounds a month due to rising costs and falling salaries. Many charities have seen reduced donations as a result, but at our telephone fundraising agency we specialise in increasing your organisation’s revenue. We have spent many years supporting all manner of noble causes and we dedicate our time and skills to each and every one.

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