Making a personal connection with your audience

Technological advancement continues to evolve, rendering many previous digital wonders redundant. The power of the internet is staggering, and it has proved to be immensely successful when it comes to charitable fundraising. However, despite its capabilities of instantaneous global reach the power of the worldwide web has not diminished the value of telephone fundraising.

Fundraising over the phone has proved to be an effective way of securing regular donations for a whole range of charities and organisations. Internet campaigns raise a huge amount of awareness, but tend to garner single donations rather than encourage people to partake in regular support. We specialise in securing consistent financial support for a whole host of charities via professional telephone fundraising.

People respond to friendly and personal connection. The number of active charities in England alone is in excess of 100,000 and each one needs money. When you engage our services you can be sure that we will take a proactive approach. Fundraising over the phone provides an intimacy that immediately puts people at ease. There are still many people that do not use a computer, let alone the internet, so the need for professional telephone fundraising is still prevalent. It remains an extremely viable option as many people prefer the telephone over other methods of communication.

Our team is made up of skilled professionals with years of experience behind them. They have the insight to successfully read and gauge potential donors. They take a friendly approach in order to engage them in conversation. Phone communication makes it much easier to convey information, explain specifics and establish a rapport. People are much more likely to be receptive when they are in contact with honest and friendly professionals.

When you work with us your organisation will be in capable and trustworthy hands. We do not engage in cold calling; instead, we conduct careful and meticulous research and structure strategic telephone fundraising campaigns. It is our aim to secure financial support for the continued operation of your charity. We specialise in the increase of your organisation’s revenue and we maintain our commitment to the varied range of noble organisations we work with.

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