Preserving your reputation

Telephone fundraising is a method charities use to raise funds by contacting potential donors or existing ones directly. There are many advantages to using the technique, but a great deal of care needs to be taken to ensure the right standards are met. The number of complaints received about agencies has increased over the last few years and there has also been bad press for the process over the past year. It is important for charities to ensure the agencies they hire to do their fundraising behave properly and promote their message in the right way rather than focusing solely on the money.

Phone calls are a really great way to build rapport but need to be handled properly else they risk alienating the people they want to support them. The quality of the service the telephone fundraising agency offers is vital because they are representing the charity. As we are a highly respected and skilled telephone fundraising agency, you can always rely on us to carry the process out in the right way and promote strong relationships with donors.

You can tell the professionalism of an agency by looking at their staff and the reputation they have. We only hire experienced callers with the skills to reach out to the target audience in the right way. Every call handler is trained to be pleasant and courteous at all times. With any form of call timing is important but it is impossible to determine the situation at the other end of the line. Callers need to be conscious of this fact and that they are intruding. The ability to empathise is essential.

We have proudly been shortlisted for the Best Telephone Fundraising Agency for 2015 by the Institute of Fundraising (IoF) alongside three other companies. This nomination shows how our efforts at offering the highest quality, most transparent service we can have paid off. Voting is currently taking place and the winner will be announced later this year.

We currently represent a very long list of charities, including large renowned organisations and smaller, niche ones. Whatever their size we always provide a quality, personalised services for our clients and follow the highest standards. We are extremely proud of our performance, reputation and ability to work with charities to achieve their goals in the right way.

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