Looking for some legacy fundraising inspiration?

We are all in need of a little legacy fundraising inspiration in our lives, right?

Well here it is, in the form of two short podcasts presented by charity training and legacy consultancy specialist Sanita Guddu, and featuring our very own Ben Suffell, with the fantastic Rose Cashley-Field, who is Membership and Individual Giving Manager of Eden Project.

In the first part, Rose explains why she wanted to engage with her charity’s supporters on the telephone and why she needed external support to fill gaps in her experience. You can listen to the chat here

And then in the second part, Ben and Rose talk about the campaign results, providing some key take-aways and actions for your own legacy marketing plans. You can listen to part two here

Both episodes are great if you are a small and relatively young charity like Eden Project wondering where you should start with legacy prospecting – Rose has great insights about working in a very small team and creating a legacy programme from scratch, with some top tips and some equally brilliant outcomes!

And if you’d like to find out more about legacy fundraising by telephone, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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