Unlock the value of your donor database

We all know that donor selection is crucial to the success of any fundraising campaign. So wouldn’t it
be great if there was a way to spend less time and effort making your data selections while getting
better results?

There is – and it’s called Dataro.

Dataro is a global fundraising technology company providing state-of-the-art AI donor propensity
scores and fundraising analytics for nonprofits.

Their Dataro Predict donor propensity software uses machine learning (AI) to analyse all of your
CRM data and find the most ready-to-give donors in your database. Using Dataro’s predictive donor
targeting approach, nonprofits are improving campaign response rates, getting more gifts, reducing
mailing volume and saving time and resources building fundraising lists.

Their technology integrates directly with your CRM to provide a predictive score and rank for every
supporter in your database to help you:

● Increase appeal giving
● Improve donor retention and reduce churn
● Reactivate more donors
● Increase gift size
● Convert cash donors to regular givers
● Find major donors hidden in your database

Through machine learning, Dataro Predict allows you to identify the best donors with greater
precision. This means you can get bigger returns with smaller campaigns, by reaching the right
donors at the right time, and maintaining better relationships with the donors you’ve already got by
putting them first, and learning from the way they behave.

Here at QTS we have been testing this new fundraising technology with one of our clients to achieve
some truly incredible results. We’re so impressed that we’ll be partnering with Dataro to roll out this
technology to others in 2023.

Did you know, 65% of donations come from only 5% of your donors?

This is the kind of insight you get with Dataro’s other software product, Fundraising Intelligence.
Dataro’s Fundraising Intelligence is a BI tool built specifically for fundraisers that combines powerful
dashboards with a live benchmarking feature and downloadable reports that help fundraising teams
monitor, measure and grow their fundraising programmes.

This tool integrates directly with your CRM to help you not only report on your performance but
compare your results with live benchmarking data from more than 130 global charities to identify
trends and opportunities as they are emerging.

Dataro is founded by a team with PhD level expertise in machine learning and analytics. They know
the problems facing nonprofits and have created powerful software solutions that are being used by
charities big and small across the world, including UNICEF, Greenpeace, WWF and Parkinsons to
name but a few.

We think that this sort of predictive analytics and fundraising intelligence will make a huge impact on
any organisation’s fundraising efforts, with the potential to completely reinvent how you use
supporter data. If this is something you are keen to explore, do get in touch with us –

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