The value of establishing trust over the telephone

When fundraising over the telephone, one of the most important factors for success is establishing a sense of trust. The Institute of Fundraising’s National Convention was held earlier this year and this was one of the hottest topics. The value of making donors feel comfortable, being honest and taking a respectful approach can never be underestimated.

As a leading and trusted name in the telephone fundraising sector, we assure every charitable organisation of our commitment to professionalism and nurturing our relationships with donors. When a call is made, it is important to openly share the needs of the organisation and come from a perspective of “we” rather than “they”. A charity is a collective consciousness, and donors respond to the idea of playing a valuable role within the organisation. They like to know everything there is to know, feel informed about exactly what their donations will achieve, and be appreciated and acknowledged for their contribution.

Our experience enables us to successfully engage with existing and potential donors. We are able to build a foundation and create the opportunity for continued communication. Employing a strategy that sustains relationships is the only way to ensure continued success.

It is important to extend a warm welcome and recognition once initial donations have been received. This can encourage people to become multi-givers and deepen long-term relationships with your existing donors. It is imperative that prospective donors do not feel under pressure. The calls we make on behalf of your organisation are designed to stand out from the rest, and we strive at all times to represent your charity in the best possible way.

When attempting to secure new donors, it is crucial to ensure they understand the plight of the organisation in question without overloading them with information. We are an experienced telephone fundraising agency with a skilled and knowledgeable team that know how to achieve the right balance, construct and build on genuine connections and instil the sense of trust that is so vital to fundraising.

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