Telephone fundraising with the aid of the experts

Telephone fundraising is an important method which can be highly beneficial for practically any charity. It’s a means of directly connecting with your chosen audience and provides you with the means of rallying support for your organisation. The key to success with this method of fundraising is a very carefully planned out campaign that treats your customers well and gets your point across clearly and concisely. We are experts with this type of fundraising and can help to carry out a successful campaign, whatever your requirements.

By having an effective fundraising campaign in place, a charity can begin to bring in all the funds that it needs in order to spread their message and promote themselves. For any campaign to be effective, however, it needs to be planned out and approached in a flexible way. It needs to take all potential donors into full consideration and approach them in a positive way that will draw them into your campaign rather than pushing them away. That is exactly what we do.

We deliver specialist telephone fundraising specifically for the charity sector, and we are responsive to all of our clients’ needs. We will work closely with you in order to design the best plan of action in concerns to fundraising. When it comes to supporters and donors, we understand that a careful and friendly approach is required so that we don’t make them feel forced into donating. The mix of individuals who form our staff will ensure a satisfactory approach to any telephone fundraising campaign and will cover as many people as possible, providing you with key donors and supporters.

We have provided our services for a huge range of charities, including the Soil Association, various Wildlife Trusts including the Scottish and Gwent Wildlife Trust, Woodland Trust, Deafness Research UK and many, many others. We have developed solid partnerships with all of our clients and we frequently receive testimonials in praise of the services that we offer all of our customers.

We have been shortlisted for Institute of Fundraising Partners of Fundraising awards for the Best Telephone Fundraising Agency 2015. With a quarter of a century of experience across our team and a friendly, helpful attitude that we can provide for all of our customers, any charity that works with us will find our services simply indispensable.

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