Successful fundraising campaigns start with friendly phone calls

The modern age is all about high-speed communication and as incredible as technology is, it can be difficult to make a meaningful connection. One important thing to remember is that the personal phone call still carries a lot of weight and remains the preferred choice of communication for many.

The fundraising phone call needs to be managed in such a way that people do not feel pressured. It is important to focus on building long term relationships and facilitating friendly and effective communication. Given the fact that people can receive a large volume of calls from a host of different fundraising organisations on a weekly basis, it is wise to ensure that your phone calls stand out from the rest and that the people representing you are doing their utmost to reflect your organisation in the best way possible.

When voice mail messages are left they need to contain the right amount of information otherwise they are likely to be ignored. They should always be clear and contain names, telephone numbers and the details of the pitch. Once fundraisers are connected with potential donors the last thing they should do is overload them with information and details. People do not appreciate being dragged away from their day to listen to someone ramble without attempting to establish any personal or friendly connection.

When we contact potential donors on your behalf we make an effort to be courteous and respectful. We engage each person in conversation and encourage them to talk about their feelings on the charity in question. We ensure they fully understand the way they can benefit the plight by pledging funds.

No matter what the motivation is, it is always a challenge to ask people to part with their money. As a leading telephone fundraising company we never apply pressure or appear pushy. We approach every campaign with consummate professionalism and we do our utmost to establish a genuine connection with everyone we speak to. We are skilled and experienced in every aspect of telephone fundraising and we believe in taking a passionate, personal and ultimately friendly approach.

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