Sticking to the rules is essential in telephone fundraising

Fundraising by telephone can be tricky but by using well trained, friendly operators with a comprehensive knowledge and respect for the rules and regulations, it is a highly effective method of raising funds for charitable organisations. Millions of pounds are raised annually through telephone fundraising, and part of its success can be attributed to the fact that it involves a direct, two-way conversation between fundraiser and supporter.

The unfortunate truth is that not every organisation gets it right. There are strict standards of compliance in place and when these are compromised it leads to complaints. In the world of charitable fundraising, one complaint is simply one too many. If you are considering outsourcing your fundraising, it is important to engage the services of a reputable agency that works hard to uphold high standards and generate continued faith in this vital process.

Truly proficient telephone fundraisers are able to adhere to established rules whilst simultaneously maintaining effectiveness. The key to developing these skills lies in comprehensive training. You need a telephone fundraising agency that ensures each employee is fully equipped with relevant knowledge as well as the confidence to deal with any challenge that may arise.

Every telephone fundraiser needs to learn the rules at the outset. Telephone fundraising is one of the most heavily regulated areas of charitable fundraising with additional regulation resulting from the involvement of Ofcom. Industry bodies such as the Institute of Fundraising have also implemented additional, straightforward rules in order to successfully govern the practice. Transparency is essential, and should be the highest priority for all fundraising bodies. These rules include fundraisers supplying their full name for accountability, requesting permission to continue with the call and informing people if the calls are being recorded.

Fundraising via the phone is fast-paced and requires a lot of attention, but it is equally important to keep up with administration. Detailed and accurate records containing contact details are essential for follow up work and swiftly initiating contact with potential donors. All the training in the world will not be effective if team members do not have sufficient knowledge of the charity they are representing. We ensure each member of our team has acquired the skills to connect and build a rapport with your established and potential donors. Our aim is to help you raise as much money as possible, maintain your reputation and provide your supporters with warm, friendly and honest telephone fundraisers.

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