Say thank you to your supporters this Christmas…

Say thank you to your supporters this Christmas…..and reap the rewards in the New Year!

Have you ever run a thank you telephone campaign in December? If you have, you will know:

  • with so many charities fighting for a share of the Christmas appeal market, there’s a need to stand out to attract the attention of your supporters
  • it’s the one time of year your supporters are feeling really ready to converse – and are often willing to give without even being asked!
  • it sets you off on the best foot for the New Year, helping to avoid those dreaded cancellations and alleviating your retention worries by simply saying “thanks – we really value your support.”

And let’s turn this around, when was the last time you got a phone call from your favourite charity at Christmas thanking you for your support?

If your experience is anything like ours, you’ll be deluged with generic Christmas emails, and the obligatory Christmas appeal mailing post, but very, very rarely does anyone call to say thank you. But when they do, what an incredible impact it has!

We truly believe in the power of thank you – but especially at Christmas.

Last year, our Christmas thank you telephone campaigns impacted supporter retention by as much as 13%. And if you take the opportunity to mention your Christmas appeal, it can improve performance of that campaign by as much as 20%.

A thank you call will make your supporters feel valued, perhaps at a time when they are least expecting it. Do this, and you will set the tone for your 2025 campaigns, ease those retention worries and reap the rewards of good stewardship.

So we have created some AMAZING deals on December telephone campaigns – whether you’re thinking about thank you calling, gift aid, or even a goodwill upgrade or conversion. But due to the time of year, we also have LIMITED AVAILABILITY – so early booking is essential.

Contact us now to discuss a booking and make a lasting impact this Christmas.

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