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On demand printing – are you using it yet?

This month we wanted to share news of an exciting new partnership we are developing.

We’ve been chatting with Steve Grieve from Integrity Print and Glenn Robinson from Urban Planet about some brilliant solutions for us – and our clients – when it comes to added value services.

Why could this be useful? It might be the digital age, but along with many of our clients, we still rely on print purchasing. Whether it’s mailers, flyers, merchandise or giveaways, we often find ourselves engaged in the print process – and it’s pretty exciting to find out that there is an alternative!

Here’s Glenn from Urban Planet explaining why on demand printing works so well for clients:

“Firstly, there is no minimum order quantity, unlike traditional purchasing of merchandise. That’s a game changer in itself! There is no production and raw material waste, as clients order only the amount of items required, they are in fact produced one at a time – so it’s hugely flexible.

“So it’s a much more sustainable way to print – there is no stock holding requirement so there are never any products that are recycled, made redundant by brand change, unsellable due to campaign conclusion, out of date due to change or thrown away. The most used production process for our on demand products utilise water-based non chemical ink, which is so much better for the environment.

“It decreases risk – when you consider the gamble associated with picking a product, choosing a design or an image to sit on it, stocking that product and then hoping your supporters like it – by not ordering in bulk you can test print products to see which work best.

“It’s also more time-efficient – delivery is around 7 working days unlike the weeks or months normally associated with traditional merchandise purchasing.

And finally, it can increase engagement with your audience – the added benefit of personalising your print really adds value to any product and has been shown to increase engagement with your audience and potential margins – and bear in mind that personalisation does not just mean a name, it can be a message, event date, result, race time etc.”

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Glenn works alongside Steve at Integrity Print to provide these services – and Integrity works with well over 100 membership and supporter-based organisations. Steve added this to the conversation:

“We’ve over 25 years of experience and expertise of working in the sector providing print and mailing services. These can include stationery, envelopes, membership cards, leaflets, inserts – and we can fulfil memberships both by machine and hand, as well as handle printing and mailing of appeals and all direct mail services.

“Of course, requirements have really changed over the years, and while we are still doing traditional items such as newsletter and magazine mailings, we are doing new things, such as digital membership card solutions too. There are so many alternatives to what clients might have done in the past, we are more than happy to give free advice and support on membership processes and development. ”

Sounds exciting? We think so! Do look them up if you get a chance. Both our partners are happy to supply examples of their work for you to review to see what other organisations are doing.

We are always keen to work with entrepreneurial partners who will add value to our service and make our processes more efficient. If you have such a proposition or something you would like to discuss, do get in touch.

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