Introducing the Fundraising Partnership

We wanted to introduce you to a new face-to-face charity fundraising company we are delighted to be working with, The Fundraising Partnership.

If you work in fundraising in a hospice, a hospital or a national health charity, you may have already come across Managing Director Kevin Mann and his team ; collectively, they have decades of combined experience in training, managing and running successful campaigns that help charities build their supporter base with enthusiastic, long term supporters.

But the focus of The Fundraising Partnership is lottery, and working with partners to boost both membership and regular giving. So how do they do this in a way which is different to other companies? We asked Kevin to explain:

“Everything we do is designed to deliver for our charity partners the best retention rates in the sector while ensuring our fundraising partners receive a sustainable income that they can live on.

Firstly, since face to face fundraising is all about people – our HR strategy is our business strategy. We recruit and retain the best possible people and our pay and conditions and management style support that. Our fundraiser training, employment and support package is industry leading, and we have the highest commitment to standards and quality leading to the lowest level of complaints in the sector. Great fundraisers make great ambassadors for charities, they will want to work to the highest standards and, crucially, deliver the best quality supporters.

Secondly, insight is everything – we harness the experience and expertise of our team and the power of data to create a culture of continuous improvement and the highest possible supporter retention. We use complex data modelling – and have a dedicated data analyst – to really understand supporter behaviour and get much better results for our charity partners.

Finally, our focus is excellence, we never look to cut corners, we see compliance as only a minimum standard and quality is a passion for us not a chore. We believe we have the best policies, training and checking in the industry. That is why we have already achieved the internationally recognised ISO 9001 standard.”

And it works, it really does. We’ve heard from many of our own clients, including Sue Ryder, how a much more sustainable approach to face-to-face fundraising has improved the quality of signups and increased the LTV of their lottery donors, while enhancing their brand and reputation.

So where does QTS come into this? Well first of all we should say that we get no direct benefit from introducing The Fundraising Partnership to you – we are just impressed with what they are doing and we believe in their approach to shifting how we think about the potential value of lottery supporters.  This has been demonstrated with the telephone campaigns we’ve worked on where the lottery lead has been generated by a face-to-face fundraiser from The Fundraising Partnership – supporters are far more engaged, they know much more about the charity they are supporting, they have been signed up to the amount that really suits them and they feel good about the amount they are paying.

And it doesn’t stop there. Because these supporters have been treated more thoughtfully from the outset, and they really understand and support the cause they are giving to, they are far more likely to go onto become higher level regular donors and even legacy pledgers, all because the time was taken to properly build the foundation of their support and curate the relationship. We have seen for ourselves how The Fundraising Partnership is helping to create more loyal and committed supporters, and is so doing, making quite a change in the industry.

So we’re really happy to recommend their work, and signpost you to their services! And if you are attending the Hospice Lotteries Association Conference on 14 – 15 September 2022 – you can meet them there.

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