Exciting news from QTS – we have a new website!

During our busiest summer ever, somehow we’ve found the time to design a new website!

Yes, after years of using the same site to promote QTS Fundraising, we knew it was time for an update – so we have been working on a more contemporary design with lots of new content to truly reflect the work we do and how we do it. Last week we went live, so please do take a look around!

We hope you’ll agree that the new site looks smart and is easy to use, with a simple navigation meaning you can quickly find all the answers to your questions, and of course, a design which is responsive across all devices and web browsers. But most importantly, we feel it really showcases our strengths, and accurately reflects QTS as the professional and highly experienced telephone fundraisers that we are.

You’ll see that we’ve also taken the opportunity to use the website to clearly address the three key areas of work we know are absolutely crucial to our clients and their fundraising strategies:

  • Generating new donors
  • Improving donor retention
  • Progressing long term relationships with donors

And within each of these service areas, you can find out the different types of campaigns we offer to help achieve that particular goal – alongside a handy download for each area which includes all of our latest top tips for telephone fundraising success.

Please take a look around, share with your colleagues and feel free to let us know if it works well for you – or if there is some content we’ve overlooked which you’d find helpful, just say. And hop onto the video  below to find out a little more! All feedback is warmly welcomed.

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