Establishing rapports with responsible fundraising

One of the biggest problems with telephone fundraising is disjointed communication. A fundamentally important aspect of the medium is ensuring potential donors have a clear picture of the charity’s aims and the precise impact of their donations. Equally important is that the agency you outsource your fundraising to clearly understands your charity, its values and its aims. 

As a leading name in the sector, we practise ethical operations and we maintain very high standards. When we begin a new working relationship with a charitable organisation, we take the time to fully understand the individual needs and requirements and establish a responsive service. It is part of our policy to build trusted relationships that last for many years and we are proud to have an extensive range of satisfied clients.

Dedicated account management is crucial. Every charity is unique and requires a personal service. We devise bespoke campaigns that meet the specific requirements of the charity in question and our experience and sector knowledge enables our full comprehension of a charity’s collective needs.

As proficient telephone fundraising specialists, we are in the perfect position to read each person we talk to and assess the best way to take them to the next stage of the process. The most important facet of fundraising is clear communication of the message, and when a prospective donor has expressed interest in making a contribution, it is essential to move forward.

When we converse with a person that has seen an advertisement relating to a particular appeal, we focus on picking up where the advert left off. To keep the line of communication clear we establish the appeal early on in the call to grab and keep their attention. We never put potential or established donors on the spot by asking them to tell us what they remember from the advert. Instead, we aim to jog their memory with gentle guidance and once they begin to recall the information we can work on building a rapport.

It is the role of your telephone fundraising agency to engage with your donors in a meaningful way. Our team consists of dedicated professionals and we support more than 70 charities with an entirely bespoke and quality service.

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