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2022 – are you TM ready?

It might only be September, but 2022 is looming sharply on the horizon. For many of you, I’m sure that means finalising budgets and plans for the months ahead, and here at QTS we are no different.

Following a stellar year of activity and results for our clients, we are looking at a very full diary for the early part of 2022 – but that’s not to say there isn’t space to squeeze in a last minute campaign or two! Or perhaps you want to get ahead and book in your next 6 – 12 months of activity – which of course we’d be delighted to help you with.

So if you are currently reviewing your fundraising activities for 2022  – bear in mind that we offer the following TM services  – all with great results!

  • Welcome calls
  • Thank you calls
  • Gift aid calls
  • Sponsorship events calls
  • Renewal and reactivation calls
  • Membership and regular giving upgrade calls
  • Extra number upgrade on lottery calls
  • Lead gen calls
  • Event to event calls
  • Legacy calls

If you’d like to find out more about any of these campaigns, please download our handy guide to Working Together – complete with links to client testimonials so you can  hear direct and recent feedback.

And if you’d like a free review call for more tailored information or advice, we’d be delighted to set that up for you. Contact us and we’ll get something in the diary. Bye for now!

To download a guide to all our services, click here

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