QTS Fundraising

Telephone fundraising

QTS Fundraising

Telephone fundraising


“One of the campaigns we highly recommend testing is their Gift Aid Campaign; our first two campaigns resulted in an additional 111 Gift Aid declarations from donors who hadn’t initially provided one.”


“Our legacy campaign generated an outcome of 12% pledgers against a target of 5%, and 34% considerers against a target of 25%. This was an excellent result and we also saw a significant uplift in interest in our Legacy brochure and free will writing service.”

Family For Every Child

“Having worked with QTS before, I knew the team would have genuine, sensitive conversations with our supporters about leaving a gift in their will. The campaign did fantastically well, with almost 50% of the supporters we spoke with saying they would consider leaving a gift in their will to Friends of the Earth.”

Friends of the Earth

“We achieved a reactivation rate of nearly 15%, generating income of just over £4K for one year. We were delighted with this fantastic result; felt the calling team really understood our cause and represented us professionally, which resulted in a great all-round donor experience.”

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home

“Our recent upgrade campaign surpassed all expectations. We reduced our overall cost per action on the campaign, whilst increasing the average upgrade gift AND converting 47% of the supporters we spoke to, which was nearly double what we saw on the last campaign.”

Wood Green

“Our lifetime value/thank you calls are a great way to update our regular givers with how their donations are making a difference. QTS callers have made these campaigns a great success over the years. The calls not only help with reducing attrition rates, but also have the added bonus of some donors offering to upgrade their gift. We believe this is achieved because QTS callers know Erskine so well and make it a really personal call with our supporters. Nearly 10% of our supporters upgraded in our latest campaign – without QTS callers even asking!”


“The campaign reinforced our belief that thank you calls are worth it! These campaigns are our chance to show supporters how much we appreciate them and to get to know them better. The best thing about the campaign was seeing how delighted some of our supporters were to receive the call and what it meant to them. We listened to call recordings where supporters happily chatted away with QTS staff. And it’s fair to say we couldn’t have done better ourselves.”


“We ran a one month campaign just recently with QTS, and we considered it a really important way of connecting with existing supporters at the end of what has been a rather strange and difficult year. The outcomes were way beyond our expectations – over 500 supporters wanted to upgrade by at least one extra number. And while the value of that campaign is huge in the first year alone – it has the potential to generate over £130k in lifetime revenue, which is just incredible.”

Sue Ryder

“We were blown away by the results we achieved and the quality of the conversations with our supporters. Final results included over 44,000 petition signers and over 600 new members – a huge dent in our yearly target. We’ve also made some very interesting new relationships with individuals and organisations with whom we can work in partnership to achieve more of our vision.”

Surfers Against Sewage

“Since March 2020, telephone became the lifeline for many people. With many people cut off from their friends, family and society receiving calls was never more important. Whilst I was managing the legacy telephone campaign for Royal Voluntary Service, it became clear that their donors valued the call and wanted to talk about their support.”

Royal Voluntary Service