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Do you want a way of getting more lottery players, charity donors, customers on your database for the long term and at the right price, that is scalable and meets all regulatory standards? If the answer is YES then may I introduce you to QTS premier product – Lead Conversion

“Lead generation is the most powerful tool to acquire new customers, charity donors, and lottery players. just in case you are doubting this technique, don’t because I can tell you that it is the future, its safe and it works. The most impressive part of this product is not only the results, the ease of setting it up, the ROI compared with the other recruitment methods, but the ability to be scaled… basically we can deliver as many prospects as you require for as long as you require so the sky is your limits.”

Benjamin Suffell – Managing Director QTS

What is this lead generation all about?

QTS’s Lead Conversion is a stress-free, cost-effective way of getting more charity supporters, lottery players or customer on your database.

It works by connecting charities or businesses with consenting consumers in a transparent, privacy compliant manner speaking to them about joining or supporting your organisation in a personalised way.

How does it work?

Any person browsing the web looking for deals or promotions will potentially come across your branded question. They will then fill out an on line questionnaire and click to consent full opts-in to receive a call.

This lead is then delivered live into the QTS’s call centre system for us to contact by telephone.

The consumer receives the call and in a professional manger the lottery you have in place, the charity cause or service you provide is explained to them. The lead is then given the opportunity to sign up over the telephone and QTS call agents will then set up payments directly onto your system for you to take payments in whatever method your require

What does it cost?

We have created a cost-effective price (a price which is really attractive when you consider that we are acquiring new supporters) and the whole campaign is scalable, so there are no limitations on the number of new supporters that you can acquire. There is a charge per lead that is generated and a charge for the calls we make. To be clear it is a service, we do not charge commission on any of our products at QTS.

We offer a reduced trial price so you can test the campaign. Also, there is no commitment to call volume and if you are not happy with the results or approach we will stop the calling and not charge you a penny for the any of the callings that have been undertaken on your behalf during the trial period.




So what is the catch?

Nothing. This is a well thought out, well delivered, safe acquisition product that we are really proud of and would be great to work with you on.

All calls are monitored and recorded for training purpose and we encourage you to be part of the process and help develop the service we provide to you. Your feedback is crucial and working together is where we will truly see the campaigns succeeding.


How do I find out more information?

Telephone 01752 926101 or email info@qtsfundraising.co.uk or go to our contact page