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QTS Fundraising

Telephone fundraising


Who We Are?

Set up in 2000 by Helen Suffell, we have developed alongside our clients and according to our mutual needs, which has resulted in the creation of a responsive, innovative and flexible organisation of which we are extremely proud.

We work with you for the long term. Our portfolio of long-term clients represents the successful partnerships that we have built over the years as a result of creative and dedicated account management.

We take the time to really understand our clients’ work and aims and create bespoke fundraising campaigns which complement the work they are already doing.

Our dedicated team provides bespoke services to over 70 charities, all of which use QTS because of our unique and responsible approach to fundraising.

What We Do

We work with over 70 charities (of differing sizes) on a range of local and national campaigns, making in excess of 200,000 calls per year.

We work with you to develop innovative and bespoke telephone fundraising campaigns which compliment your existing fundraising activities.

Campaigns we do: potential supporters – converting cash donors to committed members, reactivation campaigns and rolling reactivation programmes and warm lead conversion, SMS conversion and petition conversion; and existing supporters – renewal campaigns, upgrade and cross selling programmes, gift aid activation campaigns, new member welcome campaigns, legacy campaigns and satisfaction and survey campaigns.

Campaigns we don’t do: cold calling, buying of lists, supplier survey campaigns and marketing surveys.

How We Do it

What we do is very simple – we talk to your supporters on your behalf – where we stand out from the crowd is how we do it.

We offer something different to other agencies: we give you confidence that your supporters leave each call feeling positive about their decision to support your charity and regardless of the outcome of the call.

We are not a call centre, we are a team which works from home which means no background noise and no automated dial tone, which both make a noticeable difference to the tone of the call. We have a proven ability to talk to people on a level which means that we build relationships and get results without complaints (our complaint level is at 0.2%).

Our team of dedicated and loyal staff (our staff turnover rate is less than 5%) is the most important part of QTS. They are made up of a rich mix of individuals, reflecting the broad range of charity supporters.

Our professional fundraisers are passionate about fundraising and believe in what they do. They are trained to communicate in a clear, upfront, positive and straightforward manner and, with them, we are able to provide a professional and dedicated approach to every client which makes us so proud of who we are.

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Your Voice

Our fundraisers communicate in a clear, upfront, positive and straightforward manner and are encouraged to actively listen to a supporter, to be patient and to respond appropriately.

Our fundraisers do not use scripts, they use guidelines. This allows the fundraiser to use their own words and conversation, which enables the call to flow naturally and to enable a rapport to be built between the fundraiser and the caller.

At the start of a campaign, the charity is assigned a designated calling team. That team works with the client on the specific campaign for its duration. This ensures continuity and engagement with the campaign. It also enables the calling team to build a rapport with both the charity and its supporters and to develop a real understanding of the charity’s aims.

All of our professional fundraisers are trained on the Institute of Fundraising’s guidance on Treating Donors Fairly.